Charles Robert
750, Côte de la Pente-Douce, Bureau 202
What is the price to pay for an injury? Frustration? Lack of energy? Lost of motivation? 
What if we could take some time to avoid all of this without spending hundreds on sessions with different professionals? 
Whatever you are training, it doesn't have to be this long, boring, arduous task...
I've actually got good news for you!
-Mireille Martel
Professeur, formatrice de yoga tune up, yoga-balles et yoga fonctionnel
"Charles is an excellent teacher and I'm carefully choosing my words; with presence and calm, he guides his students with a sharp eye. I love learning new movements or techniques from him!"
Workshop #1
To stretch or not to stretch, that is the question!
Presented in collaboration with Metta Movement and Meditation Studio
Sunday December 16th from 11am to 1 pm
-Are you encountering difficulties in regards to your range of motion while practicing your favorite activity? 
-Would you like to learn more about the mechanisms at work in the expression of your flexibility?
-Do you have pain that you developed that can be attributed to a lack of flexibility?
-Would you like to just feel more comfortable in that body of yours?
-You are looking for tools to increase your performance into your sport?

If everything you have tried up until now has left you without the answers you were looking for, this workshop might present you a way to consider flexibility like you've never considered before!

What if lack of flexibility could come from poorly integrated motor patterns because you didn't walk much on all 4 when you were a kid? It might sound like a strange thing but it all makes sense when you take time to look at the different stages of physiological development of human beings and also, you ca appreciate how a better integration of these patterns can improve your experience of daily live and your practice of sports!
Take a few minutes to watch the following video to have a better grasp at what's going to be presented during the workshop.
When you look at things from an evolutionary perspective, you start to realize that there are so many things involved and you'll know better than just stretch "tight" muscles. Remember, your body has a goal in using these tensions; it may be to protect an injured tissue, to stabilize a joint that lacks control, to limit your range of motion because you don't have enough strength or simply because you don't have the pre-requisites for movement, which naturally will keep you into a more "tonic" state and will restrict your access to certain muscles like those of the posterior chain.
Are you guilty of spending your time stretching your hamstrings without noticeable results?
No worries, I've been there too! Since then, I have learned and I'm giving myself the mission to help share and understand the tools that have helped me!
Having new knowledge is essential to move forward!
In step one of the workshop, we are going to take a deeper look at Williams and Schellenberger's pyramid of learning to properly understand what comes first as far as movement integration goes. 

This pyramid is a really powerful tool for those who understand how to read it and this is what we're going to review together during the workshop. 

Of the things that are worth mentioning: Tactile, vestibular and proprioception are the 3 primary sensory inputs. Knowing this makes us understand how compensations can be expressed when we too strongly rely on our eyes (secondary input) to keep our balance. 

Ever tried to maintain balance with your eyes closed?
Harder? It shouldn't...
"Doing the same thing and expecting different results every time is the actual definition of insanity."
-Albert Einstein
Getting better knowledge and being able to access better information from our primary sensory systems will allow us to do what?

How about having better integration of our motor patterns? Once we have better awareness of our body positioning, we can then start to refine our movement vocabulary to get out of "motor moron" world and into "epic hero adventures"! So in part two of the workshop we'l get to explore a few movement patterns and a lot of joint mobilisations to expand our movement vocabulary.

This will help us have solid basics so that whatever sport or activity you will want to practice after, you will have far better adaptation capacity to learn new and novel movements.
What we'll get to cover during the workshop:
  •  How the sensory system impacts the expression of your flexibility
  •  How to organize a stretching session to have the best bang for your buck
  •  Simple techniques to lower muscle tone
  •  Coordination and balance exercises to regain your movement abilities
  •  Exploration of a few protocols you can use inside of your training
  •  A few partner stretches to help you reach areas that are hard to reach by yourself
Workshop #2
Challenge yourself! Be upside down! - Handstand workshop
Presented in collaboration with Metta Movement and Meditation Studio
Sunday December 16th from 1:30 pm to  3:30 pm
-Are you in admiration in front of handstands and you would love to learn how to make this impressive skill possible?
-Do you practice handstands but you don't know exactly how to make it hold and have better results from your training?
-Do you have a love hate relationship with your handstand training because you have few good days and lots of horrible days?
-You would love to have more consistency in your practice and endurance in your holds?

If all you have tried up until now has left you with more questions and doubts about how you can make it work, this workshop should be able to provide a path to success like you may have never considered before!

In all honesty, some the material that is presented in this workshop I have never seen presented anywhere else, and I've done a lot! It is ridiculously packed with actionable information on practical handstand advice and also joint care to keep these guys healthy too!

It is a very comprehensive and educative approach that aims to make handstand practice accessible so that anyone that wants to give a go for it can do it safely and progressively. Not true that you are too old or that your joints will be angry at you for putting them under such pressure; those are just beliefs...

With a good method and the good mindset, just about anyone can learn and benefit from the global body integration that this handstand practice will bring to you.

Those that will tremendously benefit from this workshop are certainly those that have no experience with handstands; it will give them all the basic progressions to start on the right path from the start. For those that already have some experience, it is a good opportunity to revisit the foundations that will make more advanced stuff become more easily accessible!

If you have any interest in handstands, this workshop is for you!
Check out the video to see how the workshop is structured and, towards the end, I also have a word on how "fear" can get in the way of your practice...
The method makes it so that no stone is left unturned. The elements are studied and mastered in isolation before putting them back into the more complex sphere of the skill. It's akin to learning a new language: you have the alphabet, the vocabulary, grammar, ponctuations, verbs that help you build sentences and then have actual improvised conversations, in public, where there is a lot of noise and distraction. Moreover, with the material that is going to be presented, you will have an understanding of what exercise to go to when you hit blocks in the road of your progression (believe me, blocks are meant to happen, it is only a question of how to tackle them that will make the biggest difference). All of this will just make it easier for you to keep on going forward with your practice!
No more shaky banana handstands! 
Good technique will make things so much easier!
I've been there too, having less than optimal technique and I have felt and lived the difference that it makes. 
I want you too to have the exhilarating feeling of being able to hold a handstand!
Again, new knowledge is essential to move forward!
What we'll get to cover during the workshop:
  •  Proprioception exercises to get your nervous system into the ride
  •  Specific warm up sequence for handstands
  •  Joint prep for the healthiest joints possible
  •  The 3 pillars of practice : alignment, rebalancing and actual balance
  •  How breathing can impact your ability to hold a handstand
  •  How to get into and get out safely of your handstands
  •  Some conditioning exercises to help your body acclimate to the strain of putting your body on top of your hands
"Movement in Quebec, it's with Charles that you have to go!!!"
Mick "ketoman" Carrier
"In one session I gained mobility in the hips"
Philippe Lavoie
"An excellent coach that I recommend to everyone!"
Valérie Morissette
With Charles, we learn things that are reaching further than handstands. We learn body awareness, biomechanics and the different systems of the body. The implication of neurology has tremendous implications on our movements! We don't just "do" a handstand, we "become" and we "are" the handstand because we understand and can feel it through our body! Charles knowledge is in EPIC proportions and are an ESSENTIAL complement for all health and fitness providers. My yoga practice and my body awareness have gone up tremendously through Charles contribution. I'm waiting eagerly for the next training LokiMotion has to offer and will warmly recommend to all my teacher friends!

Valérie Vachon
Québec, Qc
To have a movement, it takes a leader...
My name is Charles Robert and this is my story:
I'm part of the emerging coaches that were never satisfied by the answers we were given by local "health and fitness" authorities. In my younger days and still today in a certain sense, my body didn't seem to want to cooperate with the activities that I wanted to practice. I have to admit that I've had my fair share of injuries and "incidents" that have left a mark. But as Ido Portal would say: "there is no bad way to move, only a lack of preparation and understanding." I have to credit the man for passing along this mindset.

I then went on my hero's journey, I left on a quest of understanding the inner workings of the human body on a performance standpoint, the 40% above the passing grade that is far too often neglected by more traditional coaches of today. The question is not what can or can't be done, but rather how can we get there, how can we prepare the body so that it can sustain almost anything and any practice that my mind wants to engage with. In the end, it's stronger than me, the activities that I'm drawn to are not your "usual" strength and conditioning. I seek stuff ranging from martial arts, acrobatics, parkour, handstands and many other out of the norm practices that all have a particular demands on the body and I think I will never be able to consider going away from these, that maybe it's too much, that I'm too old for this, that maybe I should find something else, something softer...
The most dangerous limitation one can have is limitation in it's own beliefs...
If you are like me and you want to push the limit further, that you want to take responsibility for your well being, that you want to say no to pain, change status quo and let go of apathy to be able to fully enjoy your activities and your life, then you should join me for this workshop!
Workshop #1

To stretch or not to stretch...
  •  When: Sunday December 16th 2018 
  •  Where: Metta Movement and Meditation Studio
  •  Hours: From 11 am to 1 pm
  •  Investment: 40$
  •  Maximum number of participants: 12
Workshop #2 

Challenge yourself! Be upside down!
Handstand workshop
  •  When: Sunday December 16th 2018 
  •  Where: Metta Movement and Meditation Studio
  •  Hours: From 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
  •  Investment: 40$
  •  Maximum number of participants: 12
Stuff to come...
More events are coming up in Quebec city, Sherbrooke, Drummondville and Rimouski. Hit the link at lokimotion.ca to get all the info or send a message to info@lokimotion.ca 
Or check out LokiMotion's FB page!
Also, if you are interested in hosting a workshop, hit me up through the previous links!
Frequently asked questions: 
What do I have to bring to the workshop?
Everything is presented to be as minimalist as possible. You will need clothing that is comfortable to move in, a bottle of water, pen and paper if you'd like to take notes.
Where is the studio located?
Metta Movement and Meditation Studio
5 Hamilton Ave N, 
Ottawa, ON 
K1Y 1B4
(See map)
Do I have to register in advance?
Places are limited so I highly recommend that you register through this site to secure your spot. If for any reason you can't make your registration online, send me a message at info@lokimotion.ca and let me know that you want to participate!
I'm looking forward to moving with you soon!
Do not hesitate to send a message if you have doubts regarding what this workshop will bring to your understanding of the human body!

I'm here to help!

Keep it playful, keep it fun!
Charles Robert
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